Seroquel prescription John Miles Company specializes in “broadcasting” your brand message across many forms of media. For instance, a special holiday sale can be designed and delivered as an email announcement with coordinated support on your website, across your social media channels, through PR, in direct mail, etc. – ensuring that the majority of your customers and prospects are well aware of your promotion. Or for trade show events, we can design your booth, create announcements/invites, coordinate giveaways and create handout literature. Whatever your marketing needs, JMC can use all these avenues to their greatest effect. Plus JMC is your one stop shop. Many agencies specialize in traditional or digital marketing methods – but not both. The firm that builds your website may not be able to create a brochure. JMC has the capability not only to create a variety of marketing efforts, but make them work together to carry a coordinated message to your entire audience.


• Brand development

• Print advertising

• Brochures

• Catalogs

• Direct mail

• Video/YouTube account management

• Packaging and Signage

• Trade show graphics

• Print management

• Photography


• Website design

• Email marketing

• Blogs

• SEO strategy and management

• Social media

• Web traffic monitoring

JMC is also capable of merging your product database into a print catalog. Using the powerful Easy Catalog software package, your database can be easily streamlined into a large format product catalog. Design work that can usually take months can be completed in as little as a few weeks. Be sure to ask us about this service!